U.S. Housing Market Projections for 2023

The housing market has always been one to give surprises. But 2023 is predicted to be a really painful year for it. Experts worldwide believe that this year, residential prices in the U.S. will fall drastically. Many are quite sure about the housing market crash 2023. As mortgage rates doubled in the previous year, it left buyers unable to buy home.

Moreover, stock prices stumbled, and the housing market’s inventory did not recover. The conditions now are ripe for a housing market hangover, as the experts say, with home prices, rents, and inventory not showing much movement. Keep reading to learn about the projections for the U.S. housing market.


Turbulence in the U.S. Housing Market

Currently, the housing market in the U.S. is going through difficult times as it comes out of the pandemic scare and the related housing trouble. Throughout 2022, it experienced record inflation levels. It led the Federal reserve to make aggressive borrowing rate hikes causing an increase in mortgage rates that scared buyers.

This is largely responsible for real estate housing market crash. According to economists, increased rates will continue in 2023, reducing sales. Among the many states, Utah has a stable job economy. So, experts feel that the housing market will recover by 2024.


Some Housing Market Projections for 2023

High inflation, sharp interest rates, geopolitical issues, and looming fears of recession all make experts predict about real estate market crash 2023. Mortgage rates are still way higher than they were a year ago while home prices continue increasing. This is making it challenging for people to access affordable housing.

Here are some predictions by finance experts and economists.

  1. Leading economists foresee 30- and 15-year mortgage loans averaging 8.75% and 8.25%, respectively, throughout 2023. This is due to continued inflation, a projected recession, and higher interest rates.
  2. Some experts predict that the rates will peak at about 8% for a 30-year mortgage and 7.25% for a 15-year mortgage in early 2023. They are more hopeful and think the loan will come down to 6.0% and 5.25% from mid-2023.
  3. According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, increasing housing prices have made it difficult for home shoppers. The mortgage applications have hit rock bottom in more than 25 years.
  4. Housing market predictions 2023 already point to a crash, according to some experts. This is due to the overall home sales dropping 7.7% from October to November 2022.
  5. Some believe the slowdown in home sales that started in the latter part of 2022 will continue into 2023. The number of sales will hover in the range of 4.5 million, and the new home sales will go over 600,000.


2023 Housing Inventory Predictions

Low housing inventory has been in trouble since the 2008 housing market crash. Since then, the situation hasn’t fully recovered. Housing supply has been very low, holding up demand and sustaining greater home prices.

Buyers are facing challenges of greater mortgage rates and restricted housing inventory. Currently, the inventory is at a 3.3-month supply. There are still pent-up demands according to demographic trends.

In November 2022, housing inventory remained flat.

The situation is aggravated by the ongoing slowdown in construction. The application for building permits was down to 7.1 percent in November. Similarly, single-family construction was down to 4.1 percent in November compared to October. The builder’s confidence has declined, as it has been doing so since mid-2012.


What Is the Future of Home Prices in 2023?

Prices of homes maybe relatively flat and increase by a single percentage point. However, higher interest rates are bound to impact home value adversely. That is why the question, ‘will the housing market crash 2023?’ is on everyone’s mind.

Some experts are of the opinion that home prices will fall by 4% in 2023, while others anticipate a drop of 10%. Surprisingly, the National Association of Realtors does not posit any movement in process at all. For sellers also, the news is not quite good. However, it is not the case for house hunters.

Certain buyers are going to emerge into the market, particularly all-cash purchases for whom interest rates are not a cause of concern. Experts say that among the various markets, more expensive ones will decline significantly.

For instance, San Francisco, Phoenix, and Las Vegas markets will witness noticeable price drops. But those of Chicago, Pittsburg, and Milwaukee might see prices rise. In Phoenix, home prices in October were down 4.5% but went up 60% compared to February 2020.


Some Projections about Interest Rates

Mortgage rates aren’t directly related to the Federal Reserve’s actions. In December, the Federal Reserve increased the Federal funds rates slowly than the last year. These rates are expected to rise in 2023.

Real estate experts feel that mortgage rates will start declining by the second half of 2023. This will be good news for buyers as they can re-enter the market. However, the situation isn’t so simple yet. A weak general economy can point to a real estate market crash 2023. It is because when people do not have stable job, they don’t want to buy houses.

It has been pointed out that there hasn’t been enough housing in America for a decade now. Even at the end of 2020, with the start of the housing boom, the country was short of 3.8 million units. According to the National Association of Home Builders, the single-family home market will fall by 20 percent in 2023. It will only pick up momentum in 2024.


Final Thoughts on the 2023 Housing Market

Undoubtedly, 2023 is a year marked by uncertainty for real estate. The demand may not be much in the housing market, and only limited levels of inventory will be up for sale. This uncertain scenario is what has fueled predictions about the housing market crash 2023. It is likely that the housing market will recover from double-digit percentage jumps in home costs over the past few years.

However, the good news is that the situation will not be the same as in 2008. It is mainly because today, homeowners are more financially secure, and homeowner equity is at its highest level.

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