How to Improve English Speaking Skills?[The Best Techniques]

Around 20% of the world’s population speaks English. It is the world’s lingua franca that everyone uses to communicate. When you’re fluent in it, you can communicate with people from different countries easily. Not only that, but when you know how to improve English speaking skills, it opens a mine of opportunities in various spheres for you.

In this article, you’ll find a complete strategy to enhance your English speaking abilities, so you can become a fluent speaker and talk competently.

Techniques To Converse Fluently In English

Here are various tips you can use to speak English confidently.

1. Speak and reflect on how comfortable you feel

There’s no magic pill for becoming fluent in speaking English. But the one thing that helps tremendously is speaking. Practice speaking in English with your friends and colleagues. Doing it often will make you more confident in your English-speaking abilities. Also, after conversing, take some time to think about how it went. How comfortable you felt speaking on a specific subject, and did you find yourself stuck on certain words? You will find areas that need improvement.

2. Learn the meaning and pronunciation of new words everyday

In order to improve English speaking skills, you must expand your vocabulary. Even if you need to learn only one new word, it’s still worth the try. Increase your vocabulary by listening to songs, news, and TV shows. Also, learn how to pronounce the new words correctly. To learn pronunciation, use online dictionaries or watch pronunciation tutorials on YouTube. These will help you to learn how to pronounce words like native speakers. You can also try tongue twisters.

3. Read as much as you can

Reading is a crucial part of knowing how to improve your English speaking skills. Reading consistently helps you develop various other skills, such as writing, vocabulary, and grammar. It also makes you explore topics of your liking. If you are a beginner, read picture books with short English sentences. Intermediate learners can read short novels and stories about subjects of interest. If you are an advanced student, read English literature classics like Julius Caesar and The Great Gatsby.

4. Learn the flow of sentences

Apart from speaking individual words, it would help to learn how sentences flow. It is easy to understand this by paying attention to how words link, contractions, stressed syllables, and rhythm. Some tips to learn the flow of sentences in English include the following.

  • Whenever you watch a movie or read something in English, consider how native speakers link to words and make a sound.
  • Understand contractions, which are the shortened form of two words.
  • Note the syllables in words that get stressed and the rhythm of the result of that stress and contraction.

5. Listen to natives and repeat.

Select a video with subtitles, listen to it several times to know how the content flows, and speak like the narrator as best as you can. Also known as shadowing, in this method, you listen to the audio by natives and repeat their words without any pauses. This method makes it easy to sound like a native. However, only choose those audios you can easily repeat.

Record yourself doing shadowing and listen to it afterward to find out areas to work on. It is a highly effective way to use if you are wondering how to improve my spoken English fluency.

6. Narrate a story in English

It is a great, fun challenge for those wanting to improve their English speaking skills. You can retell an event or a story in English by yourself. This act forces you to express other people’s thoughts in your words. Pick a simple story or event, one that you are quite familiar with. Try to retell it in greater detail, covering all its aspects. You can also read something like a fable or a fairytale and translate it into your own words.

7. Use a cheat sheet for familiar words.

Many people look for ‘how to improve my English‘ on the web, but also feel nervous in different situations. To combat this nervousness, prepare cheat sheets. There are many scenarios where you can use them when you feel nervous speaking. For example, research the right words and phrases related to your condition if you have a doctor’s appointment. Then you can use them while speaking with your doctor without hesitation. Do it for various situations like eating at a restaurant or paying your bills. Over time, you’ll know the right words and phrases to use in different situations.

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8. Talk to yourself

Talking to yourself is convenient and flexible, and you don’t feel embarrassed or fearful. You can have a little conversation with yourself in English while performing various things during the day. Research has found that this inner speech helps people internalize a foreign language.

Record yourself listening and determine your wrong pronunciations. Here are some examples to practice self-talk.

  • Imagine yourself in a restaurant ordering a meal. Talk to yourself as if you are the guest and the server.
  • Describe the current thing you are doing in detail.
  • Summarize the latest episode of a series that you’ve seen.

This method allows you to fit in some great English-speaking practice throughout your day.

9. Practice your listening skills

Get as much listening practice as you can. It is one of the easiest answers to the question how to improve my English speaking. Listening is important because to converse confidently; you must know the person you are conversing with. Listening allows you to gain many insights about a language. It increases your vocabulary and helps you make sense of English sounds better. Try watching Hollywood movies, podcasts, and music. You can also take free listening exercises online.

Speak English Confidently!

Now you know exactly how to improve English speaking skills. The methods here will help you enhance your speaking abilities by learning the right pronunciation and expanding your vocabulary. Listen, read, and practice speaking as much as you can. If you need more help, consider taking online English-speaking classes.

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