How to Draw Architecture Diagram For Web Application? [Solved]

A good architecture diagram communicates the relationships between a design’s components and how those components work together to achieve an objective. Achieving this goal can be tough, especially if your experience is limited to simple school projects. But with the right tools and some practice, it’s not impossible! In this post, we’ll walk you through the process of drawing a web application architecture diagram with examples of everything you need to know.

TIP: If you’re having trouble getting started, try sketching out an architecture model in It’s an incredibly useful tool and it’ll save you countless hours in the long run. 

Essential Component of Architectural Diagram 

UI components

 Elements are visible to users such as buttons, lists, and text blocks. They make up most of your application’s pages, screens, and dialogs.

Business logic

These are the rules that your system uses to calculate values and make decisions. When you program, this is the code that makes it happen.

Data layer

It is a business logic database or a connection to a remote database. It stores values used by the business logic components. It also holds information about objects in different tables of a database along with indexes. This helps them to find easily when they need by applications such as yours.

API layer

The interaction between the business logic and the data layer helps to retrieve relevant data.

Now that you know what a 3 tier web application architecture does, how do you draw one? First, sketch out all of the different parts and their relations on paper. Then take photos or screenshots of each part separately or find images online to use as inspiration. 

Finally, combine the parts into one single diagram and add annotations if you want.

How to draw a web application architecture diagram?

Drawing architectural diagrams for web applications can often be a tedious and long process. The best tools to do the job are not always the easiest to find. In fact, there are many different tools available for this purpose and which makes the complicated process of creating a system architecture diagram for a web application easier than ever. 

You might want to draw a diagram for your project. UML diagrams and flowcharts are two of the basic ones. We all know how important a good diagram can be, in order to draw a good diagram you need the right tools.  To help your company with its unique projects, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best online tools to draw architecture diagrams for web applications in this article.

Tool to draw the architecture of web application with a diagram


The Open Source Web Site Construction Kit | W3C  This is a powerful and free tool for building websites. IWeb is a product of the W3C Interaction Domain. Includes both official tools (iView, iCreate. It is an open-source website construction kit. Use it to build a website or blog. Create a beautiful and professional-looking site in minutes with no design or coding skills required. It’s easy, free, and fun! You can export your sites in HTML, CSS, JavaScript files, and so on. 


Lucidchart is a free software program for handling diagrams and charts. It is available for download for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems as well as on a variety of web browsers. Lucidchart helps to create flowcharts, tables, UML diagrams, outlines and mind maps of any complexity without time-consuming zooming or scrolling. Pinch zoom layouts let you work intimately with intricate details while retaining broad view sizes at handier screen distances. Sharing your work is easy with direct embedding from popular social media services like Twitter and Pinterest or by exporting your images directly to Flickr or Imgur galleries

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 As its mission statement says – is a “worldwide community that develops open standards to lead the Web to its full potential”. This online tool to draw the architecture of web applications with diagrams which has been featured on over 250 different thousand websites worldwide (according to their statistics) helps you make the perfect web presence. is a free and open-source vector graphics editor. allows you to create interactive diagrams and illustrations that can be saved in SVG, EPS, or PNG formats. You can use it in both Chrome and Firefox browsers on desktops as well as mobile devices like iPhones or Android phones with the app installed.

Code: Online Drawing Tools –  You can use this tool to Create Flowcharts, UML Charts, Network Diagrams and More. The tool is easy to use and comes with interactive features.

Take Away

Architecture diagrams are usually found in project documentation, where they provide an overview of the system and its data. This is helpful when showing a new team member what your system should look like and how different components interact with each other.

The web application architecture diagram should be easy enough for anyone who has never drawn anything on paper before or maybe has not even been taught how to do so. Also, keep in mind that these diagrams intend to show how your system should work, not what should be exactly written in the source code. If there were two ways to implement a login screen, it would be okay to show both of them. If you are planning to make one, read the above guide carefully before you start. 

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