What Is Fleet Management Software – Types and How to Pick

When a business relies on commercial vehicles for its operation, it means they’ve got a fleet. Irrespective of whether it’s 20 vans or 200 trucks, a fleet should always be working with maximum efficiency and with minimum cost and risk. It is called fleet management. Managing a pool of commercial automobiles can be challenging. So, fleet managers use technology to coordinate fleet management activities. In this article, you will learn what is fleet management software, and what to look for when planning to use one.

What Is the Goal of a Fleet Management Software?

Software for fleet management gathers complex data about the company’s vehicles and personnel and converts them into easy-to-understand information. It, in turn, enables fleet managers to coordinate their fleets, which minimizes operational costs and maintains safety. The insights from this software also let fleet managers comply with the Department of Transportation Regulations.

The software’s main purpose is to keep a correct and updated view of vehicle diagnostics and geolocation and detect harmful driver behaviors. It also tracks the speed, temperature, door opening, route direction, and vehicle fuel level. It stores data on a cloud-based platform so that fleet managers can access information about their vehicles from anywhere.

Types of Fleet Management Software

There are various categories of fleet management solutions. To choose the best fleet management software, you must pick the one that best fits your needs.

Fleet management solutions with advanced GPS tracking

Today, there are many modern solutions whose GPS functionality is quite advanced. The GPS feature locates, monitors, and manages your vehicles in real-time. They also have interactive maps, so you respond quickly to the situation on the road. Giving a real-time view of what’s happening on the road facilitates better resource allocation. The GPS fleet tracking lets you locate and assign drivers instantly, share ETA’s with clients, set geofences, and review trip histories.

Fleet management solutions with fuel and speed management

These fleet management tools help fleet managers make their fleet become more fuel-efficient. Such solutions give comprehensive reports on fuel consumption and driving behavior. Both these things have a significant impact on inefficient fuel usage. By controlling them, your fleet can save a lot of fuel.

Fleet management software solutions with video

Modern fleet management solutions come with cloud-connected video. It gives a true picture of the current situation with your fleet. The video devices in this software can continually record. They can parse out particular incidents according to your set triggers, such as speeding or collisions. 

Difference Between Web-Based and Cloud-Based Software for Fleet Management

Many people decide on software based on whether it’s cloud-based or web-based. Here are the basic distinctions between the two.

Web-based software

These fleet management tools facilitate vehicle tracking via a web browser. Such software can be easily downloaded onto the system. These GPS-enabled web-based tools offer customization of settings to access crucial data speedily. It is a good option for managers who track their fleet from their computer or office mostly.

Cloud-based software

Cloud-based software for fleet management facilitates vehicle tracking anywhere, anytime. You can access the software via mobile devices. Usually, you’ll get a mobile app from the software provider, which you can download on your mobile device. Cloud-based software eliminates the need for fleet managers to always remain in front of computers to communicate with drivers and gain real-time updates on their fleet. It is a feasible option for those who need to track their fleet on the go.

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How to Discover the Best Fleet Management Software?

Hopefully, by now, you have got a good idea of what is fleet management software. But the market is filled with multiple fleet technology solutions. Finding the right one can be overwhelming when you don’t know the most important features to look for. Below are some crucial features of a reliable software solution.

Ease of usage

Fleet management software should always be easy to use. Good software has intuitive navigation, so you can do what you want without facing any difficulties. It must automate everything, and its interface should be clean and appealing.

QUICK TIP – When investing in a fleet solution, ensure a live demo and take it for a test drive.

GPS vehicle tracking

It’s essential to install a GPS tracking device into your fleet so that you can know the location and place of your vehicle in real-time. GPS vehicle tracking lets you know when your vehicle began the journey, the places it stopped, and the duration it stopped for. This also enables you to improve your customer service as you can let your customer know when their product will arrive.

QUICK TIP – A beneficial addition to fleet management software would be sensors that detect when doors open and fuel levels.

Fleet alarm

Alarms help companies respond rapidly to the challenging circumstances surrounding their fleets. So, software with alarm helps fleet managers stay alert to any change in the situation and ensure their fleet is functioning productively.

QUICK TIP – Look for the feature to create custom alarms as per your needs. For instance, create an alarm to track the speed and temperature of certain goods.

Actionable insights

Many fleet managers mistakenly opt for fleet management software that does not help them. These solutions only dump information, making them overwhelmed. An efficient software collects and interprets data. These come with specific provisions that allow fleet managers to make informed decisions.

QUICK TIP – Look for a solution with features like trend reports, dashboards, summaries, and driver rankings.

Fleet maintenance and repair

Fleet maintenance optimizes fleet performance, minimizes labor costs, increases ROI, and boosts the vehicle’s lifespan. Fleet maintenance also detects and alerts the drivers and administrators when the vehicle malfunctions. These tools give automated reminders for routine maintenance checks that are perfectly spaced between work and break hours.

QUICK TIP – Look for software that notifies you about predictive maintenance checks and gives a comprehensive fleet maintenance report.

Final Thoughts

By now, you have a greater insight into what is fleet management software. A dedicated software solution lets you know more than the location and characteristics of your vehicle. It helps enhance the vehicle’s lifespan, manage drivers, and reduce the operating costs of the business. Select one after considering the features described to get your money’s worth.

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